‘Tocktober 1st /// 24 Hours Of ‘Tocks /// 8:32 pm PT (Bonus Hour Post!)



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“Are guinea pig bottoms permitted in ‘Tocktober?!”

[Of course. Whythehecknot? -Ed]

“My piggy Ginger sadly passed away a few weeks ago, (OH NOSE :() but in this shot from around 2011 she is showing off her shiny rear after a lovely bath. And I’ve also attached a picture of the ‘tocks of Tinkerbell (who was featured on CO in April), Pansy and Gingey together.” -Emily R.

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012 (3)

24 Hours Of ‘Tocks continues…

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i found some things

i was looking on the internet for more guinea pig links and i stumbled upon an ad that said ” DON’T BUY GUINEA PIGS FROM PETSMART!!” that is exactly how i saw it. so i clicked on it and it said to go to youtube and search ” petsmarts dirty little secret ” so i did and it said i have to sign  in to verify my age because it was violent. I am ten so no luck seeing that video. They said in the description said something about how all the animals came from animal mills and stuff so i want one of you guys to watch it and tell me if it is horrible or what. But if it is don’t tell me how cause then you are just going to make me sad. : ( here is the link to all the comments.


When i grow up….

most kids in my class want to be famous and rich and be wealthy. But i love animals so much, that i want to work for some animal related job, like…

- a zoo

- animal shelter

- pet store

- singer and all the extra money goes to wheek it and the local animal shelter

- veterinarian

- pet sitter

What do you think for a ten year old’s dream?

lots of news!!!

whee are not getting any small pet due to already having peegs and a dog, and whee are having some trouble finding the peeg that princess guinea needs! I looked in pet valu and they are not having any pets until late October, menagerie pet shop ( the place whee got princess and Ariel from ) has three adult boys, there is no young ones for adoption and the pet smart is so far! whee have also been noticing that princess guinea is actually doing okay! my dad thinks Ariel was ” bullying ” her, so she didn’t get enough to eat! this time whee are going to make sure the next guinea pig whee get is younger and smaller than princess guinea! whee have a few requirements for the next peeg;

- under a year old

- female

- not from a breeder

- nowhere out of Toronto ( Etobicoke  is part of Toronto )

- must be healthy


i also made up this song and sang it to princess guinea:

go to sleep, go to sleep, go to sleep princess guinea. you may see Ariel, and Nutty in your sweet dreams. they are so, happily, popcorning over the rainbow bridge. lullaby,  sleepy guy, you will see them some day.

  the words just came to me, and they almost made me cry ; :::::::: (.

Ariel will always be with us!


ariel died : (

my dad called and said that Ariel died, he had no way of knowing, she was drinking a lot of water and dad said she didn’t come out for her food and he lifted the igloo and she had died inside. The dog smelt it and has been coming up more and more. Whee do not know why she died. whee are now looking for another peeg. what a coincidence that hutch a good life’s nutty, died only wheeks before her. 

the dog is off

mummy says her mummy says no more dog : (. but she said whee could get something small and furry! So i immediately thought guinea pig! But since she lives in a smaller house then whee do, there is no room for the cage, whee suggested ferrets! You can buy a tall cage that does not take up a lot of room! But then she said no ferrets, she doesn’t like them. That was our second favourite pet! So whee said bunny, it was a easy no, because they need more space then we can provide. So i Said hamster! and she said yes, she also said maybe to a rat, rats are more friendly than hamsters i find, and they are so cute! Chinchilla also came to mind! what pet do you think i should get, also keep in mind she lives in a small space!

i don’t like my paws touched!

mummy decides to check my paws at play time!!! can’t she just check Ariel’s, she knows that i don’t like my paws or face touched and that is exactly what she did! she has to check my teeth and paws and i warned her, i will bite! so she made me show my teeth by feeding my hay and making me reach up for it! now that was a trick she used! Ariel was sticking her but in the air like usual, she like putting her face in aunties lap, i thought mummy’s leg was like a bench, so i sat on it! i was a funny out of the cage playtime!

the dog whee saw was bought : (

well the chihuahua whee say got bought on the day we were suppost to look at the dog, but i found another one!!


Meet cookie.


Cookie**SWEET GIRL**: Chihuahua, Dog; Toronto, ON

Cookie**SWEET GIRL**

Chihuahua/Miniature Pinscher Mix: An adoptable dog in Toronto, ON

Small • Young • Female

Cookie will be one year old on September 25/2012. She is 7.6 lbs. and  a very friendly little girl. She is an active dog. She is good with other dogs and loves to play.  She is very good in the car.  Cookie was born with congenital limbs deformity. This does not affect her in any way. She can walk, run (she is fast as a bullet), jump, go up and down stairs. She is in no pain according to our vet, she will not require special treatment or medication. She is otherwise a very healthy little girl and will have a good life.  She will be a great addition to the right family.

UPDATE from foster mom-September 9/2013 – Cookie  is not a barker. She’s been quiet here. She does bond quickly and becomes your shadow right away. Another positive for this little one is  that she listens and obeys right away when you correct her.


this is awesome! she is not used for breeding the like the other dog! she is also adoptable! this is so exiting!

fall is around the corner!

the chilly days are here, and i am definitely happy! No more hot days, Ariel is brave enough to sit outside the huts but if i  go near her whee get in a squabble! But fall means fall baths! which i hate! And mummy thinks it is so funny when i try to climb out of the tub and i slip!! ha ha, very funny, i do try and climb out of the tub! But that also means, more rain then the summer, then more thunder, then more dogs nose! Get the pattern! well whee got to go see you later!

they think i don’t know my own guinea pig!!

i was taking peeg quizzes and i found  a quiz called ” do you know your Guinea-pig “. First of all you don’t put a dash in the words guinea pig.

this is what my results were :


Certificate Seal

Do You Know Your Guinea-Pig?

Well done, you must know enough to keep a guinea-pig safe and healthy.

You have correctly answered 5 of 10 questions.

On average, 75 of users who took the quiz gave 4.69 right answers.




do you “enough” my results because i own two guinea peegs myself, a website, a class peeg and 3 books on guinea pigs! and enough is my result! seriously! so here are the questions and my answers so tell me if i did it wrong, because i really want to be a proud guinea pig owner! here is the link for the quiz, you take it and tell me how you did! http://www.allthetests.com/quiz30/quiz/1350876851/Do-You-Know-Your-Guinea-Pig



“Fun quiz for guinea-pig lovers.”

  • 1
    From the list, which is the guinea-pig’s closest domestic relative?

    Chinchilla Rabbit Mouse

i chose mouse because guinea pigs and mice are both rodents.


  • 2
    At what age can a female guinea-pig breed from?

    1 year 6 months 4 weeks 8 weeks

i said 8 weeks because in a book it said six to eight weeks.

  • 3
    What is the average age of a guinea-pig?

    1-3 years 6-10 years 3-6 years

i said six to ten years because most people say 5-8 or 8-10.

  • 4
    Which one is not a coat colour of a guinea-pig?

    Roan Agouti Brindle Dutch Albino

i said brindle, because i have never heard of it.

  • 5
    Can guinea-pigs live with rabbits?

    Yes if the rabbit is small Yes, but in a big cage No

i said no because rabbits are not guinea pigs.

  • 6
    Are guinea-pigs nocturnal?

    No Yes Only in winter

i said no.

Guinea-pigs have how many toes on their back paws?

4 5 3

i said four
  • 8
    How often should guinea-pigs have hay?

    It must be unlimited Once a week Every couple of days

i said it must be unlimited.

  • 9
    What are their closest wild cousin?

    Capybara Mole Beaver

i said capybara.

  • 10
    Where are guinea-pigs from?

    South America Norway Turkey Scotland Africa

i said south america.

nutty has crossed the rainbow bridge

sadly, the passing of nutty, from hutch a good life, has come. Sadly the inspiration of four lovely peegs is only three. But to show respect, like comment and write things on your blog about nutty’s passing. visit http://www.hutchagoodlife.worpress.com and show your respect for nutty, a lovely peeg who has died and always will be there. I know i am repeating and this is not the best post, but i am just trying to get the message out so please, show you care.




and poor nutty, the more likes the more hope!!

Originally posted on Hutch A Good Life:

Please pray for Nutty. He made it through another night but today he is worse again. The hoomans and vets are fighting for him. He is taking a little food this morning, but struggling to swallow. Nacho was trying to help take care of him.

Now whee hope the vets can find a miracle cure. So far none of the tests confirm what is wrong with him so he is being treated for a few things in the hope one with work.

Keep him in your thoughts and send him healing vibes. Whee are keeping hoping.


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Cause it’s back to school thier’s a new routine!

Tomorrow is the first  day of school and my first year of grade five! So anxious to see my friends and tell all of them the stories of Princess guinea and Ariel!! And of course other things! The guinea peegs also get a break from us at home almost 24/7, but that means my grandmother has to keep a close eye on naughty Gigi and her shenanigans just in case her hunter side comes out ( for the thousandth time )! i also want to thank the teachers for protesting for the students! you know who you are!! ; )

and here comes the airshow this labour day weekend!

so its Friday and its very soon until the airshow comes around and does tricks high in the sky! but with the noise that this show has, the three little pets are not very happy with this noise!! so while I’m typing right now the airshow practice is going on plus my neighbor is drilling something so much that the keyboard and desk is vibrating!!  back to the airshow; so my dog hates thunder and she was staring at me while i was eating breakfast looking all save me like, but the truth is she has heard the airshow for 6 years now so i am so glad she isn’t howling like she did the first year! well the peegs on the other hand are experiencing there second airshow and i want to make it as stress free as possible! but miss queen Gigi has to wander up stairs and shift the cage!! gosh she really is a hunter!! so when i am down watching TV i call her name to pet her and calm her down. but she wasn’t in her bed, in the kitchen, or by me in the living room!! so there has to be one other place where she would have wanted to go. THE PEEGS!!! i thought! of course!  so i quickly but quietly ran up the stairs and grab the squirt bottle and run down stairs yelling Gigi!! and to make things even better i am sick!!! so lesson learned, always keep an eye on miss Gigi!!

Aw, Don’t Be Shy

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What are the chances? The Groovy Guinea Pigs finally get their first gig and wouldn’t ya know two of them come down with stage fright.

“Kumquat, Patch, and Wicket are all so cute! Wicket (the one yawning) passed away a few months ago, sadly, so we’re glad we were able to catch this adorable shot to keep and remember him by. He was always such a happy piggy, and loved getting attention from anyone. I hope you find him as cute as we do!” -Lauri S.

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Reach For The Stars

Originally posted on Hutch A Good Life:

No whee are not quoting a cheesy pop song or trying to give some motivational speech, whee are actually on about guinea pigs and space travel! This is something Mummy heard about in a paper she read about the history of guinea pigs and has researched to find out more!

Whee guinea piggies are not famous for our space journeys, but whee beat you hoomans into space by about 34 days. The first space travelling guinea piggy went into space on March the 9th 1961 with a dog named Chernushka, a dummy cosmonaut named Ivan Ivanovich, and an assortment of mice and reptiles. Ivan safely parachuted back to earth, and, thankfully, the animals also made it back alive. Sadly, some of the first animals into space weren’t so lucky.

However the first hooman in space was on April the 12th 1961. Oddly, while Major Yuri Gagarin received a…

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Cute Animals Eating Food

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Title says it all. (Well, except for Westly @ #3 and Mr. Snuggles @ #4, who haven’t scored yet.) Dig in folks!






Variouso Creditos:
1) From AOTC.
2) “Bonnie” from Cuteporter Sarah S.
3) Westly who “had a big day having a doggie day camp interview, getting his nails trimmed, and going to Starbucks!” -Ginger.
4) “This is Mr. Snuggles, a dedicated lapdog with an irresistible face :).” -Jennifer L.
5) From The Big R.
6) Spotted on DP&F via YT user Hdaniella.
7) Originally on Petsami, submitted by Mike D. of Sacramento, California. (“I think this is actually a wee man in a woodchuck suit, but whatevs.”

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happy.. late birthday ariel!!! sorry your birthday was in june!!

hey, its Ariel’s 2nd birthday and she is the sweetest! she is the cuddle bug and miss me first. she has been a role model for princess guinea and by being the sweetie pie of the to guineas! i am so sorry, i totally forgot about the draft i had created to months ago!! so special thanks to all of the bloggers who helped me make Ariel the guinea pig she is!! and i know i didn’t get a birthday gift for you, but i hope not getting another dog at dad’s house makes up for it ( so you won’t have to barking dogs)!! lots of love princess guinea and Genevieve!

Ever Had To Sleep In The Doghouse?


gigi house

Originally posted on Cute Overload:

Now, would ya rather stay here…or a Holiday Inn?* Thought so. Presenting the Dog Bark Park Inn (aka Sweet Willy.) Now, if you find yourself in a certain little corner of the world called Cottonwood, Idaho- check out this two-room Bed N Breakfast shaped like, well, a beagle!









Dog Bark Park
Photos 1-4 from Dog Bark Park Inn, 5-9 by Alan Levine.

*Not that there’s anything WRONG with Holiday Inns.

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The Last Squirrel on Earth


it has a guinea lip

Originally posted on Cute Overload:

“(It’s been over a month since the pigeons became self-aware and took over. They’ve been rounding us up into camps. Every day, the resistance gets smaller. I don’t know how much longer I can hold out. If anyone sees this video, let it be a testament to those brave souls who stood their ground and held onto their nuts.)”

Marissa S. writes: “My friend Raywat, in Ottawa, says he was ‘mugged by a squirrel, who then took a selfie on my phone.’ This seems to push beyond the edge of photo bombing into new territory.”

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fourth pet around the corner!!

i am getting a dog! not that i don’t already have one. well at my moms house we don’t have any pets, so we wanted a family dog!! i found one a few days a go and her name is Tabitha she is a chihuahua mix, one year old, house trained, a rescue and every thing else we ever wanted! so we sent an adoption application and are hoping we get the dog! so cross your fingers for Tabitha!!

Tabitha: Chihuahua, Dog; Etobicoke, ONand here she is!!

Lotus Has Pipes, Peeps!

Originally posted on Cute Overload:

Not since Michigan J. Frog has there been a performance as stirring as this up and coming star’s latest concert. Lotus started the show with some classics; our favorite was a very bluesy and soulful rendition of “I Fall to Pieces”. The act ended with the more recent “Firework” and blew this audience away. Even with a 4 minute standing ovation, Lotus would not grace us with another song.

Much like Frog, her concerts are done for an audience of one. When another person comes into the room, it’s crickets. For some reason, her voice doesn’t record, no matter the machine or program. But, you can believe us, Lotus sings. Really. We’re totally not crazy. We always refer to ourselves in plural.

Update 4/24/12: And because you asked for it, Mouf-hance!

Sure, Cam, we believe you.

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Guinea Peeg, You’ve Got Chain Mail!

Originally posted on Cute Overload:

Fear Not! Ne’er that kind of chain mail. This kind.
Verily, ye shall seek thee noble Guinea Peeg chain mail on eBay. ‘Tis most splendid! HUZZAH!

Nikki K., what say you? “You HAVE to see this completely redonk eBay listing my vet’s office shared with me. There are a bunch of photos on the listing! This is a charity auction listing on eBay for a hand-made Guinea pig-sized chain mail and helmet to benefit the Metropolitan Guinea Pig Rescue“: Is your pet guinea pig tired of wandering around the house unarmored and vulnerable? Has your guinea pig ever wanted to go to a Renaissance Faire but had nothing to wear? This hand-made scale-mail and tiny steel helmet will keep your guinea pig protected and secure in all situations. The scale-mail is made from polished steel scales and steel rings. It was painstakingly “woven” by me over several weeks in an effort to better prepare my guinea pig Lucky for the dangers of the modern world…

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Today Be a Grand Day for Guinea Pigs!

Originally posted on Cute Overload:

The Guinea Pig chain mail (or, scale mail) charity auction on eBay ends at 6:12 PDT today, 6/21! Huzzah to whoever wins!

Note: The auction is being carefully monitored. No zero feedback bidders are accepted without prior approval.

The cute suit of armor is like something out of a dream.

And the eBay auction bidding has gone beyond anyone’s wildest dreams!

More on the story at The Daily Mail on line, Huffington Post!

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true or not? u tell me

found this on http://www.guineapigcages.com/forum/about-guinea-pigs/28149-my-guinea-pigs-suck.html. tell me what u think about it. and in a month, i will post what i think.

“My Guinea Pigs Suck


So I did a ton of research on guinea pigs before purchasing my two piggies and I thought I was pretty well-prepared. I have had my piggies for a few months and fortunately for them, I have been taking very good care of them. Unfortunately for me, they are taking awful care of me. They just sit in their stupid houses all day, munching on hay, pellets, and whatever food I give them that is appropriate for a good piggy diet.
These guinea pigs do NOT want to be held at all and they will run and try to fight so they don’t get picked up. They do not even like each other, so I had to separate them. One takes up the bottom floor of the 2×5 cage, and the other takes up the second floor 2×2 balcony. They do not have access to each other and they like it this way.

I was at the pet store today picking up more hay and lots of bedding and I have kept a positive attitude up to now, but while at the store, I saw a lil baby chinese dwarf hamster and he was an adorable little (expletive removed by mod). I tapped on his window and he actually wanted out of his cage and seemed to have a very person-friendly attitude.

All this being said, I think I am going to purchase the hamster and get rid of my two pigs….probably just gonna let them outsite and let a neighbor’s dog eat them or something. I have owned a hamster before previously but I thought that getting a pair of pigs was a step up in terms of personality and quality of pet. So far, my experience has been the opposite. On top of all this, a hamster is so much cheaper and easier to maintain!


Happy St. Piggy’s Day!

Originally posted on Cute Overload:

And let’s celebrate St. Piggy’s today with these chubbular little maniacs! The first dude is Kermit. His hoomin Sharon says, “You have a shortage of cute guinea pigs … so I’m submitting my piggy. I am not good at captioning, so feel free to add one if the pic gets posted. Happy St. Piggy’s Day – I mean St. Patty’s Day!” [Thanks for the headline. -Ed]

Now these two guys are from Lora F. “My husband and I couldn’t pass up the chance to catalog their cuteness and use them to spread cheer to our family/friends and across the Internet!”


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This Goblet is Sufficient

Originally posted on Cute Overload:

One does prefer to be served in the manner to which one has become accustomed.

You may address me as, Griffin. My servant, Jessica, reports I am particularly skilled at not minding sitting in things for photographs. I am over four months old now so I keep needing bigger things to be put in, but that’s okay. I am a lovely “little dude”.

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what kinda guinea pig scratches you?!?!?!?!

what kinda guinea pig gives you a 1inch no 2 inch scratch on your arm!!!!!! plus, on the day i fell on my head, Ariel ( ms. temper temper ) decided to scratch me!!! she fidgets like….a………..a okay i don’t know but you get the point right? so i neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeedddddddddddddddddddddddddd an answer on why my guinea pigs are so squirmy!!!

guinea pigs are lovable


guinea pigs are lovable!!

if you like guinea pigs what do like about them? find the website that has the the guinea pig stuff for you!!

[the links might not work]

if you chose ” interesting body type” then the website for you is http://jackiesguineapiggies.com/piggycare.html

if you chose “funny behavior” then the website for you is http://kerryannekay.wordpress.com/

if you chose “cuddly appearance” then the website for you is  http://cuteoverload.com/

if you chose ” all of the above ” well chose all of the above!!



the website needs a new start!

I posted early about how i need help. no one is giving me any ideas so i hope the poll will work. please vote because i am going to do what you want! if you want more polls great!!! almost every post is going to have a poll!!! the choices may not make sense to you!!

the guinea pigs are at war!!!!

okay, this is not my regular funny post! ariel and princess guinea have been fighting…………………………………. it’s ariel who starts it!

THEY FIGHT ABOUT…………………………………………………….

EVERY THING!!!!!!!!!!!!



; ::::: (

cute overload glossary!!!



Use these words in everyday conversations and blog comments to tewtelly impress! The Glossary is lovingly cultivated by Theo (with much help from Meg and Anna G. and E. Collison and Kasi and Jaypo and Francesca and just too darn many folks to list, as this thing keeps growing. Moshe lof 2 allz!)

“Adorable” minus the hard consonants. Cute, yes, but shares its northern border with Actively Irritating.
“Awwww” minus the hard consonants. Cute, yes, but… oh what the hell am I talking about?!
via IM with Meg, 6/10/2008: ‘Ahnnngh’ could be the spelling… also, ‘almost always accompanied by a head tilt’ (like Baroo)SEE ALSO: “Outrrageous Frawnsh Occents
Barfing Rainbows
Derivative of “it’s like a koala crapped a rainbow in my brain.” Probably.OK. Say you’ve just been dumped by your no-longer-significant other, you’ve got a new parking ticket, and you’ve dropped your fork (eek!) Things are grim, see. Miserably, you fire up the old com-pyoo-tor, hop on teh INTARWEB — and poof! There’s your homepage, CuteOverload, and you promptly barf a rainbow. There, now, isn’t that better?(NOTE: This is not what I mean. And neither is this, yeesh…)
Dogspeak for “Whut the…?” Frequently accompanied by the Canine Tilt and/or wrinkled brow for enhanced effect.Occasionally, animals which are not dogs have been known to have this cute-ism ascribed to them, but this is never appropriate. Dogs just have the face for it, plain & simple. Cats don’t. Fish don’t. Cockatiels? Please.
Beady Eye Factor. It’s either cute, or not. Your call. Alternately: Broccoli Eating Factor. Thanks, Aubrey!
Self-X-Planatory. See-X-Amples.
Not strictly a cute-ism, this is simply “chomp” a la Snoop Dogg. It must be a West Coast thing… still, since Rufus is clearly a playa of da highes’ orda (egad, did I just write that?) the term is applicable. For further clarification, you might consult the Snoop Dogg Translator, fka. Tha Shizzolator.
SEE ALSO: “Cronshe
The ultimate position in comfort. Literally cannot be more comfortable. Always always always prefaced with the word “so.” Almost always used to describe the obvious.
Like, when all the comments attached to one of the Cute posts are about whether or not bathing a cat is the MOST EVILEST THING IN TEH WURLD. Or if today’s pic is ‘shopped. Or racks. I even wrote an Ode To Commentroversy which puts the Bard to shame (as long as we’re talking about this bard).
Acronym for Cute Overload eXtreme Close-Up. Here’s lookin’ at you, kit!
Cronshe (Kronsche)
It’s onomatopoeia. (Scrumptious word.)
Cronch. Key-ronsche. Mmmonsch. Chompage. Nawm, etc.
SEE ALSO: “Peeps
Dream Office
Picture going to work every day at Cute Overload Headquarters. Picture it.I don’t mean “telecommuting” like we do now. Everyone in the place would be all the folks who post all the content and comments. We’d office in the Space Needle and every desk would be custom-designed to best fit the ergonomics & aesthetics of each individual, from hippo to human to hammie. The in-house messaging system would consist of two teams: the Post-It Hummingbirds (for LAN communication) and the Pneumatic Hamsters (WAN; they’re without peer when it comes to navigating a series of tubes). There would be a Nap Lounge with plush yellow floor-pillows, shaped like giant ducks, as well as private hammock alcoves. Treats on Friday would include catnip, suet, T-bones, broccolis, Milanos, burger-cakes (no onion), Pocky… you name it. Everybody would play off everyone else. Our output would be sublime, poignant, hilarious, and absolutely irresistable. Nobody would understand how we’d ever get anything done, yet our particular productivity would be positively unparalleled. Peculiar.Incidentally, I have seen the future. I can do that. Don’t worry, I’ll keep it brief.“Internet 2″ gets skipped over completely, because on April 1 of 2008, in the lower-left sock drawer of COHQ’s breakroom, “Internet 3” is born sentient in a litter of marmalade kittens.Eight weeks later, weaned on raw TCP/IP and the encrypted multi-lingual satellite traffic of three hundred nations, little Threebert is ready to begin broadcasting to the world, and the transmission goes live. Voice Of America and al-Jazeera are eclipsed within minutes. Fox News folds shortly thereafter, then CNN, and then–surprisingly–the stalwart BBC. Next pwnd are the AP newswire and other wire services, co-opted for our own un-devious purposes, along with the rest of worldwide media (although Animal Planet gets special consideration, because c’mon). The Squee Heard ‘Round the World begins in downtown Tokyo at precisely 15:07 Zulu.

Days pass and Threeb’s reach broadens exponentially. The stock market goes “Baroo??” and and is swept along with the powder-blue tide. Politics begins to lose relevance, subtly at first, but momentum quickly builds. Google jumps on the bandwagon a week later, in a whirlwind merger based upon eminently compatible philosophies… and just like that, it’s over.

Back in the Dream Office, we’re all fantastically giddy, and somehow also embarrassingly wealthy. Threebert takes a sunbeam nap.

Some of the nerdier folks among us might immediately think of the little mind-controlling grub from The Wrath of Khan. This is not that earworm, but it’s close. This is the one which implants the lyrical seeds of an impossible-to-ignore song (say, “Tie Me Kangaroo Down“) directly into your head, where you Can’t. Get it. OUT.
Note: Some Cuteologists may be more guilty than others, re: the perpetrating of earworm assaults.
The sound every living creature makes when it can’t… quite… REACH!
Fearless Leader
Meg Frost. She works in Silicon Valley at a well-known techno-magical company and is married to Sparkster. CuteOverload is pretty much her fault. Her parents apparently call her “Moo,” which might help to explain the whole urban cowgirl thing. And her birthday is July 30th! (Cancer/Leo cusp, it would seem.)
First Post!
This is it, right here. Any other use of this phrase gets you slapped. Capisce?
SEE ALSO: “Bleen
ex-TREEEEEME fluffiness. You know what I’m talking about.
Kinda like a ZRBTT (pronounced ZER-bert), a la Bill Cosby, only fluffier.
SEE ALSO: “Snorgle
…like THEESHE! (Yeesh…)
Hello Kitty
(also, this simply isn’t right)
Kitty snores, ever so slightly exaggerated.
The magical floaty words which sometimes show up unexpectedly (?) onscreen, after you’ve let your mouse pointer sit idle on top of a photo or a link for a short while. Often used by us Cute Overloaders to add Secret Bonus Captions.
Randall Munroe originally gave me the idea, whether he knows it or not.
Knitting Rabies
scares the living bejeezus out of me.
Leet (1337, 13375p34k)
Not really a cute-ism (though this comes pretty close); included for convenience. More thorough explanation available via Wiki or the Urban Dictionary.
“Love” minus the… well, you get the idea. I do hope you’re not expecting a great deal of logic and rationality, here.
Wait–what? How did this get in here??Um, anyway, we’re talking about a large aquatic mammal… and I mean EPIC… wut haz teh much funey but prolly cant has bukkit. Also cud be lolphin, sea lol’ion, lol’bstarz, exetra. LOLz! (U see?)
Marmalade Kitties (Tiger Tabbies, Pint Lions)
MARMIES: The Best. Cats. EVAR.Morris, Heathcliff, Garfield, Bill, Kliban’s cat*, Rhum AND Mr. Bounceare all counted among this exalted elite. We wuvs dem becuz dey wuvs us.*actually I’m not sure about this one; definitely a tabby though.
Muppet” + “Puppy“. What’s not to understand?
Muzzlepuffs (Moozlepoofs, Muzzlepouches)
Floofy jowls. Sealyham Terriers are famous for this, but there are examples throughout the canine lineup (along with the odd hutch-hopper or US President). Oh — and here’s an example of the feline version.MuzzlePOUCHES (or “muzzlepowsches”) are what gophers and chipmunkshave, for carrying seeds in their cheeks.Rhymes with “mazel tov,” by the way… in fact, you can even use it to congratulate or bless someone with a jolly “Muzzle Puff!”SEE ALSO: “Whiskerpouches
My Work Here Is Done.
Nosicle, Moist
Phleh… just thinking this word makes my teeth all wibbly. But anyway. First used to describe a hedgehog’s nose, I believe.
This comes from honorary C.O. peep Shreve, of The Daily Coyote. I shall defer to her own explanation… “Nubule is not in the dictionary because it’s an invented word. I’ve been using it for years, and so I forget it’s not an actual word. To me, it means a small, tiny, cute, little blob. The word nub (an actual word) means a small lump. Nubule is the personified, cuter version of that.”
And there you have it.
Nuffingham (Nuff)
This is my sanity contraction of “Not-Cute-Enough-Ing-Ham,” though lately it’s mostly been shortened even further to “Nuffer” or simply “Nuff“. This is to say, a Nuff is a local variety of troll which only posts comments expressing how not-cute-enough any particular post is, to its (sadly limited) tastes. Waah, waah. Miz Thinker has a nice bit of doggerel to share with the class, on the subject. (I can only suppose it was either that or a nice bit of caterwaul.)
Plurals: Nuffs, Nuffers, Nuffinghamsters, Nuff’ams, Turdsifters, Go Make Your Own Damn Blog‘ers, Assbeefs
The auditory component of an Almighty Squirm. Means “I’m disinclined to acquiesce to your request.”
Why does everybody assume this was us? This came from Slashdot, Peeps! …but yeah, OK, I’ll grant you it’s seen more than its share of exposure on Teh Qte™.
Picture this: You’re an exciteable city ‘tween stuck in the backseat on a roadtrip to who-cares-where; you’re bored, frustrated, and staring out the window (dead batteries, y’know) when suddenly, between cornfields, you pass a horse pasture
Otters otters otters otters otters otters otters otters otters otters otters otters otters otters otters otters otters otters otters otters otters otters otters otters otters otters otters otters otters otters otters otters otters otters otters otters otters otters otters otters otters otters otters otters otters otters otters otters otters otters otters otters otters otters otters otters otters otters otters otters otters otters otters otters otters otters otters otters otters otters otters otters! Otters?! OTTERZ!!!!!!!
Outrrageous Frawnsh Occents
Meg started it. You played along.Merde.
Toddlerspeak for ‘Popsicle‘. Not to be confused with ‘Hopsicle‘, which is where bambylances come from. Pa-si-kies come in a surreal variety of flavors, including Bloo Razzberry, Catnip Margarita, Bratz, Washcloth, and Liquid Smoke (not recommended).
Peeky McPeekerson (adventures of)
Flooring is fun. Who’d’a thunk it?
Well, there’s always these, of course; they’re somewhat cute in their own way. But on C.O., “peeps” sorta refers to the regulars, i.e. Cuteologists who can’t restrain themselves from commenting all the time. Like this dude. [Ahem.]
Pets in Pots
This is the post that set the bowl rolling, so to speak.
Photoshopped (‘Shopped)
You wouldn’t like me when I’m angry. Theo smash. What IS it with some of you subgeniuses that makes you believe that just because the software exists, every photo you see on teh intarnets must therefore be FAKED? When you hear hoofbeats, how often do m*****f***ing zebras come galloping through your bedroom? Gahh!!!
FOR YOUR EDIFICATION: This is ‘shopped; this is NOT. And while this was indeed corrected for poor lighting and camera quality, using The GIMP (as opposed to the very spendy Photoshop), the composition & content are 100% real.
Jonesing hard for a quick fix of fuzz? Dial Port-a-Snorg™ now! Our operators are standing by. (Thanks, RedZilla!)
SEE ALSO: “Snorgle
You know how “Freshman” sometimes gets shortened into “Frosh?” Ergo, “Precious” –> “Prosh.” I’ve never seen “special” –> “sposh” though… anyhow, I like Lewis Carroll’s portmanteau method better; f’rinstance he invented “Chortle” by mashing “Chuckle” and “Snort” together in the Jabberwocky poem. The word “smog” = “smoke” + “fog”. Extra credit: “recidivindicated“.
Pudding is a Peep’s weapon of choice, particularly butterscotch. Launched via Puddinpult, cousin to the Tapioca Trebuchet and the… um… [sigh]…”Puddingkwürferschnorglekanonen.” (That’s plural, by the way, auf Deutsche.) Your only hope is the Big Bad ‘Brella. So sayeth the Fling Flan Man. And if you’re still not convinced of pudding’s gloopy pangeaic awesomeness, you need to read this.
Reality-Casual Friday. Woooooo
Redonkulous (Redonk)
Beyond ridiculous. Or, in the immortal words of Marion Morrison: Rigga-damn-diculous.
Rules of Cuteness
See for yourselves.
Mine. (Hers.)
Git yer own.
Sexy Chicken (also known as “Henrietta”)
First showed up here, then here (sorta). Went on vacation sometime in the middle. Henrietta and Wolf-Spawn are arch-enemies and best buds. It’s a complicated world.
Also known as the /. effect: When your B-List or C-List website/blog gets profiled and linked from A-List http://slashdot.org/, and the massive sudden influx of nerd traffic brings your server to its knees in a de-facto DDoS “attack,” then you’ve been Slashdotted. Fortunately, on April 1 of 2006, CuteOverload withstood its merry pounding without any traffic-related slowdowns, proving beyond all doubt that we were (and are) of A-List caliber. It was a day of purest geek love and confusion.
(DISCLOSURE: Slashdot is another favorite blog site of mine. -Theo)
Snorgle (Snorg, Snarfle, Sqush, etc., etc., etc.)
Snort + Snuggle. Summarizes the situation when you moosh your face into a fuzzy wuzzy smoochie wiggle and make googoo noises. First appearance on Teh Qte™ was here.
Try it with a hedgehog. (Wear snorgoggles.)
When every other word out of your mouth can be found in this Glossary, you’re speaking Snorglish. In 1337 (“LeetSpeak”), it would be safe to say Teh Qte™ pwns j00.
SEE ALSO: “Snorgle
Sound of Music, The
Ongoing theme of inspired silliness. It started with this post, and led to quite a few of my favorite things.
How do you solve a problem like a maltese?…
The sound your little fan-girly head makes as it implodesunder the sheer unbearable burden of a classic CuteOverload. It is completely involuntary and audible only to dogs.All dogs.Everywhere.
Kitters! Tabby/Calico mix. Well… frankly, I’m not sure it’s possible to get any more “mixed” than this; Torbies, perhaps?
Mutts rule.
Totally. Utterly. Completely. Also, a couple of TV sets in England. Dunno which ones. (Maybe ask Pheral.)
That’s “thwap”, with a hard T-H sound and a double-you. Say it: THWAP. Not “fap”, you pervy internet smartass.
SEE ALSO: “Cronshe
So… sleeeeeepies… [Yawwwwwn]
SEE ALSO: “Honk-Shu
Simply put, it’s short for BUTtocks, and sounds cuter than “arse“. Also allows for a big ol’ meaty heap of wordplay.
This is Troll. Troll loves to make a pork arse of itself on CuteOverload with lots of naughty comments, but it is inevitably sapped and toyed with by the resident Big Cats. (Pounce, bat bat, snark, roly poly pouncey splush, nawm nawm nawm.) Eventually, out of mercy, the Admin delivers a coup-de-ban.
Thanks to Mike Reed for his fine Flame Warrior illustrations!
One of those little un-wolf-like (yet oddly proud) creatures from Mexico, which always remind me of Marty Feldman. In the “Cute or Sad” balance, I know which way my scale’s tipping.
WARNING! Always be on your guard around these doglings. Two words: Napoleon Complex.
Whiskerpouches (Whiskerhumps)
The salt-water interpretation of muzzlepuffs. Proudly worn by walruses, sea otters, and harbor seals.
Widdle (Widdew, Wuddow, etc.)
Bastardized version of “Little.” Totally outlawed, as this is clearly a ridiculous thing to say, and we can’t be having ridiculous. Far too cutesy-poo. Just stop it.
NOTE — this isn’t so much my own pet peeve as somebody else’s. [grins]
(adj.) Describing the furrowed brow that usually accompanies a “barroo?” Can also be used to describe the coruscations of chubb folds.The puppeh’s wrinkular forehead is too much cute for one lone person to handle.Also, Wrinkularity: (n.) Wrinkliness which results in an instant cute reaction, i.e. a “squeee!” elicited from the observer.Please note the wrinkularity on this puppeh’s forehead, from which no darkness may escape, and its effect upon the average human, especially when combined with the softish muzzlepowshes nearby.(suggested by Cait R. — thanks!)
…’nuf sed.
Yay (w00t)
Onomatopoeia, based on 1950′s-era B-grade sci-fi movie sound effects. YEEMYEEMYEEMYEEMYEEM. It looks like simple camera-flash “redeye,” and that might be all it is… potentially… but then again, the eyebeams may be charging. Caution is counseled, cadets.

I love this thread so much

Knitting for Beginneuws


who said guinea pigs can’t wear clothes!!!

Originally posted on Cute Overload:

We know you like to see pets enjoying their sweateuws. You will loff these!

It’s a sweateuw, it’s a tube, it’s a sweatube top!

And doubles as a tea cozy!

I look like Cliff Huxtable.

Savannah O., with the help of her sister Jillian, made tiny sweaters for their guinea pigs, Heart (brown), Fiona (white) and Indiana (calico).

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It’s the Most Pun-derful Time of the Year

princess guinea and ariel:

he he, silly cat

Originally posted on Cute Overload:

With the kits jingle belling,

And everyone telling you, “Be of goofy cheer.”
It’s the most pun-derful time of the year.

It’s the ham- hammiest season of all.

With those hedgehoggeh-day greetings,

And guinea peeg meetings,

When felines have a ball,

It’s the hat-hattiest season of all.

Credits in the hovertexts! More Princess Pricklepants here! More puns in the comments!!!

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Happy new year!

So, even though mummy was not with us, she probably had a good time visiting family on New Year’s Eve, she also stayed up till twelve! She couldn’t have let us, stay up! well, we’re guinea pigs, we can stay up until we want. but it is more fun to be told youre aloud to stay up. When you have no rules anyways. okay! Enough with the boring stuff! Uh, there really is no exiting news, so uhh, Wait wait! Tell us in the comments or on Facebook if you stayed up until midnight! Make sure you like us! Whee are @ Princess guinea and Ariel. If only I was in the name!

Caramel XOXOXO



better than last year……

oh, this Christmas was great! i learned something. Christmas is not just about giving! although she didn’t give a gift this year neither the pigmas photo shoot, but i got to see my family (mummy’s family, i wish i could see my real family)! plus, mummy’s cousin was way more gentle with me than she was last year! Whee didn’t get Christmas baths like last year, but the dog ate her bone i one night so she might want to go to us more than last year! So, my mummy’s little sister got a FURBY!!!!!!! holy carrots, that thing is so annoying! it has a high pitched voice like me wheeking one minute and then the next minute it is a farting burping deep-voiced clown! at least mummy quiet gifts such as jewelry and room decor, and guess what? she also got. a. DOLLHOUSE!! okay, not a barbie one, the ones you build with the punch out pieces, like a a kit! i am so glad she didn’t get something annoying! well, she thinks the furby is kinda cute, but i don’t!!!! today mummy was browsing through her favourite figurine website ( schleich-s.com ) when she decided to look at the top 100 winners for the photo contest. take a wild guess what was in 5 of the photos, GUINEA PIGS!!!!! they were some cute abbys, and there was also angora bunnys!!! so cute! hope you check them out!

switcheroo Sunday!

well, whee decided that since whee have shown great improvement in getting along whee are going to be doing some switching! today i am on princess guinea’s side, and tomorrow i will be back on my side. mummy said this works with gerbils, and she wanted to give it a shot. since i am now in princess guineas side, my sent can get rubbed in the bedding so my sent isn’t just on one side of the cage! whee are also getting our pigtures taken on monday! lucky mummy is off school so whee can play together more! plus, i think i found my favourite food! carrots! whee will add that to the “all about caramel’” page, make sure you check it out!